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Family Constellations side effects

One of the “side effects” of working with Family Constellations is that chronic symptoms that we carry in our body for years may diminish or dissolve throughout our emotional process.

When I was younger I suffered intense back pain for many years. Lumbago and a pinched sciatic nerve often kept me off work and immobilised at home. It forced me to spend half an hour warming up before getting out of bed. I had to keep visiting osteopaths and chiropractors for years and thought that I would end up in a wheelchair. Eight years ago, I started my Training in Family Constellations. After the first year of the Training we were asked to look back and see what had changed in our lives. Aside from the expected emotional and relational healing with my family, which I have been aware of throughout the year, I suddenly realised that my back pain had disappeared too (funny how we easily forget when we feel good that we used to feel miserable before :)). I have been free of pain ever since.

In constellations we use the movement of BOWING (to the past, to our parents as they are, to what was and we cannot change). This bowing is not only an internal attitude, it is also a physical movement. Years later I stumbled over a text form Bert Hellinger where he speaks of the effects of bowing and the potential release of back and knee pain. The emotional rigidity (“I want my parents, my past, to be different”) is encompassed by the physical rigidity. Working on the first has the power to release the second. It was a marvelous experience of being one. Mind, body, emotions, spirit, we are one and this work reaches all levels. This was one of the many bonuses of my journey with Family constellations.

Photo: Pep Gasol

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