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What happens in a family constellations workshop?

Participating in a workshop gives us the opportunity to be involved in a much larger field. Witnessing and representing other people's family dynamics expands our awareness and gives us a deep sense of belonging to something bigger. We all belong to a family system. 

Family Constellations work is a deep transformational process that can be of benefit to everyone involved.

"These workshops have the capacity to touch everyone involved. ​As an observer, seeing other people’s work may activate your own issues. Holding the circle and respectfully witnessing a constellation is deeply touching. We all have the capacity to relate to each other’s issues and recognise that we all suffer from the same universal wounds. This work is about connectedness, about compassion, and about love, healthy love."


A Family Constellations workshop is a moving ceremony where participants can represent members of the family of the client. After positioning them in relation to one another, the client sits down while the constellation develops. The representatives become aware of perceptions, feelings and urges that belong to the family members being represented. Entanglements surface and the client gets a clear image of the forces that shape his family group. With interventions and healing sentences the tension in the sytem can be released and family members can find a better place.

A typical constellation follows these steps:

After a short interview, the client chooses from among the participants the representatives for the members of his family/system who are relevant to the issue.

He positions the representatives in the room, takes place in his seat and stay open to the constellation.

The representatives pay attention to the impact that their position (in the room and in relation to each other) has on their body (physical perceptions, emotions, thoughts).

The facilitator accompanies the client in the development of the constellation and might offer suggestions for movements and/or healing sentences, looking for a possible resolution.

What are the advantages of this approach?

  • The consultant does not need to explain the issue previously to the facilitator, nor to disclose much information about oneself in front of the group. He may be asked what he/she would like to achieve, and some defining facts/events in his family system.

  • He does not need to bring to the workshop other people involved in the issue.

  • In a Family Constellations workshop all participants are involved, regardless of their form of participation:

       As a client, exploring their own issue.​

       As a representative, being at the service of the client, representing a member of their system.

       As a space holder, witnessing containing what is unfolding during the constellation.

  • After the constellation many participants report a ripple effect in the others members of the family or system that has been explored.​

A workshop allows us to zoom out our issue, so we can see ourselves in relationship with other members of our family. It is a marvelous way of seeing the bigger picture, making us more aware of everyone else's perceptions and helping us to find balance in our group. Doing a constellation usually brings more compassion towards others and a significative shift in our awareness.


Upcoming workshops

Family Systemic Constellations 2024

 1 Day Open Workshops

The Base, Newcastle, Australia

Price: $145

15 Sept: Family Bonds and Healthy Relating
13 Oct: My Potential, Work and Professional Fulfillment
10 Nov: Health and Illness: Symptoms as Solutions
7 Dec: Finding my Place: Home, Country, Migration 

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