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What are Family Systemic Constellations?

A way of reconnecting with our ancestors. 

"The beauty of this amazing work is the way an individual constellation expands into the family system and into the community. Like a drop of water falling onto a quiet lake creates a ripple which spreads throughout its surface, the healing of our family wounds ripples out into the broader community. Effortless, natural, subtle, the wave we create in our own constellation when we SEE, when we HONOUR, when we GIVE BACK, when we BOW, this wave can reach out to humankind." Francine Jordà

We are all born within a family system and bound through love and loyalties to its members. When a new member of the family is born, he dives into the emotional atmosphere of the group. He receives the legacy of his ancestors: gifts, strengths, wisdom and joy as well as wounds, betrayals, secrets and struggles, often unconsciously.

Each of us are shaped by our own experiences and by what happened to our ancestors. Even if we didn't get to meet our parents, or we feel distant or disconnected from our family, our need to belong to our tribe makes us sensitive to past events of our family group, especially the ones that could not be integrated. Thus, unfinished business from the previous members of our family may affect our capacity to thrive.


Events such as premature death, addiction, suicide, migration, adoption, abuse, imprisonment or bankruptcy in the past may be lingering in our current life. Entangled with unhappiness from the past, family members may continue patterns of anxiety, guilt, fear, chronic illness and unfulfilled relationships. We may repeat what members of our family have been doing in the past, perhaps for generations.

Family Constellations, a systemic approach developed by the German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, reveals the hidden dynamics that underlie our family systems, and releases the burden of unhealthy loyalties. Trans-generational traumas come to light, and the client is offered the possibility to heal the past by acknowledging what happened, honoring the fate of their ancestors and leaving the responsibilities where they belong. And taking with gratitude the goodness and the resources their ancestors want to pass onto them.


Constellations enable us to see the bigger picture and transform our relationship with our family, work, school, friends, health money, community. It allows us to restore the flow of life. 

A powerful tool that is applied in therapy, schools, social work, health and organizations around the world. Always at the service of reconciliation, constellations work helps us to reconnect with our inner wisdom, to connect with others and to increase our compassion.

Issues that can be explored include relationship challenges, disconnection, young deaths, infertility, abortions, suicide, accidents, work and money related issues, health, personal growth, grief, loss, migration. 


Family Constellations can be APPLIED in individual therapy as well as workshops.

I am passionate about the simplicity and the depth of this 

subtle approach and the way it empowers the client. 

Family Constellations is about love, healthy love. 

About acknowledging, accepting and taking responsibility.

About letting go. And about restoring the emotional bonds of our family, so love can flow again.

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