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Constellations are about...

Creating a space for self-healing
Releasing the load of unhealthy loyalties

Making place for the truth

Moving from the story to state the facts

Saying yes to life

Reconnecting with our ancestors

Belonging to something bigger

Restoring the flow of life in our family system

Healing our wounds together

Letting go of burdens we carry for others

Finding our rightful place

Acknowledging and honoring difficult fates

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A 30 minute session to have a chat and see how I could support your journey.

online 1:1 sessions

Individual sessions offer a space to explore life issues at your own pace, working on one aspect at a time.

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What happens in a WORKSHOP?

A Family Constellations workshop is a moving ceremony where participants represent members of the family of the client. 


4 day Course in FC Resources for 1:1 

12 day FC Training

Upcoming events

27-29 Maig 2022

Instituto Francesc Marieges


Recursos sistèmics per a l'ajuda individual

10 i 11 Juny 2022

Aura Ioga, Manresa

Preu: 90 EU

Recursos sistèmics per a pares i mestres

19-21 Aug, 16-18 Sept,

14-16 Oct, 11-13 Nov 2022

The Base, Newcastle, Australia

12 Day Family Systemic Constellation Training

The Base, Newcastle, Australia

Dates TBD

Training in Constellation Resources
for the Individual Practice