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One on one sessions

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." Leonard Cohen
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Each of us are shaped by our own experiences, by the imprint of our childhood and by the events that impacted the history of our family. Sometimes we struggle to come to terms with what happened in the past or what the present holds. Life brings us joy and hardship. Navigating with grace through adversity may be challenging and can leave us disoriented.


In my sessions I offer a safe and respectful space where you can explore theses challenges, acknowledge and integrate "what is" and  create new images and options in your life. I will walk alongside you facilitating your journey of self-discovery.

My approach is holistic, experiential and non judgemental, addressing different levels of awareness: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, social. I will encourage self-responsibility and the mobilizations of your own resources. I believe we all have the capacity for self-healing and I am committed to support your unique inner process.

I can provide support in English, French or Spanish.

I offer online and face-to-face sessions.



Individual                        $160

Couples                               $185


Individual                            $150

Couples/Relationships      $175

Sessions are typically 90 minute long.

Concessions are available for pensioners and students.

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