Encountering another Being

ENCOUNTERING… We gather for a constellations workshop, we take a pause for a moment, for a day, we take the time to look into the eyes of others, in a way that goes “beyond the intellect, that is much more deeply intuitive and much harder to express”. How fitting to our constellation world. Often people ask me to explain what I do, what happens in a workshop. And somehow I manage to describe what constellations are for me, with my own words, trying to translate the multiple dimensions of this amazing experience: it’s a systemic therapy, a ceremony, a healing process, a way of giving context to our symptoms, a trans-generational approach, a support group, a holistic methodology. Knowing every

“I respect you and your parents”

“I see you, your parents and where you come from”. For many of us schools are the second system to which we belong. Just like in our family, we have the need to be accepted in order to thrive. When the child does not feel included, when there is no rightful place among their peers and teachers, they are not open to learn. They are unconsciously busy finding their place. What can we do to create the conditions for our students to flourish? What is our role as teachers? And maybe a more important question. What is our position? It helps when teachers take their place with humility, knowing that they are at the service of their students and families. Students and their parents come first, teach

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Francine Jordà Pempelonne


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"I would like to pay respect to the Awabakal people on whose land we live, to acknowledge the loss of lands, cultures and knowledges, understanding the consequences for people, communities and nations, believing we can walk together to a better future."