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Encountering another Being

ENCOUNTERING… We gather for a constellations workshop, we take a pause for a moment, for a day, we take the time to look into the eyes of others, in a way that goes “beyond the intellect, that is much more deeply intuitive and much harder to express”. How fitting to our constellation world. Often people ask me to explain what I do, what happens in a workshop. And somehow I manage to describe what constellations are for me, with my own words, trying to translate the multiple dimensions of this amazing experience: it’s a systemic therapy, a ceremony, a healing process, a way of giving context to our symptoms, a trans-generational approach, a support group, a holistic methodology. Knowing every time that language is way too limited and cannot express the magic of this experience. “Scientific language is inappropriate for this kind of encounter. It’s poetry that does it. IT’S A POETIC ENCOUNTER.” Thank you, Dr. Stephan Harding, for giving us this definition. Yes, this is it: a constellation is a poetic encounter. Similar to what happens in this video, when we gather to heal our wounds in a constellation workshop, “time stops, there is this infinite moment of meeting between myself and the other.” A constellation proceeds mostly in silence, quietly, in slow motion, looking into the eyes of a mother, a grand-father, a partner. Our soul speaks to each other. It’s a creative moment where anything is possible. The moment when something shifts, something moves, a delicious moment of deep connection. And then we know that nothing will be the same again. A transformation has occurred, and we feel alive, touched, moved. Now we know that “there is a conversation, that we are not alone.”

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