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🌺 The exquisite power of the community 🌺

I am a group freak. As a French teacher, I have always enjoyed the energy created in the classroom setting, as opposed to private tutoring. I love to see students with different strengths helping each other in their learning. I could feel the void, if a student was missing on a particular day. The group was incomplete and tried to compensate for the one who was not there. At that time, I did not know anything about systems and constellation work.

I have just returned from an amazing week at the Australasian Constellation Intensive in Sydney. Australian Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, visitors from New Zealand, South Africa, Hong-Kong, Russia, Slovenia, Canada and many other beautiful countries have gathered to share their wisdom, connect, love and grow. I am in awe of the tremendous courage that it takes to share our vulnerabilities and shadows with others and of the prodigious support and comfort we get from being held and soothed by the community. Witnessing trauma and healing matters. Witnesses matter. They help to contain the most excruciating pain with respect, delicacy and love. They are also transformed by the experience, moved by someone else’s story, which turns out to be everyone’s story. The group is the safety net that rescues us when we fall down from our tight rope. It is our protective womb.

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