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"I am because we are. I heal when we all heal. Community is our best support when we hit the ground and we can’t see the end of the tunnel. Feeling that we are part of a group makes us stronger and happier. When we are together our heart expands and we share a warm sense of connection and love. My favorite antidote when I have the blues is social interaction. “It takes a village to raise a child”. Australian sociologist Hugh McKay adds: “Not only children. It takes a village to keep an adult sane and sensible too”. Last week we celebrated our last constellation group of the year. At the end of the workshop it became clear again that we need the group as much as the group needs us. The ceremony of supporting each other in a constellation is a fabulous metaphor for our need for connection. Healing can only happen in relationships. I invite you to consider having a 2019 with more flesh-and-blood experiences. We may want to try a new thing and be surprised, like attending a tango workshop. Or we may prefer to bond with like-minded people and join an Amnesty International group. We can also start cooking and eating together at home, offering a fun space to interact with our children, giving them a sense of comfort and belonging. Or we may want to go to a café on our own. Incidental encounters, rituals, being in the presence of others, touching, shaking hands, hugging, all this strengthens our sense of belonging. We need to regain our ancestral modus vivendi, the mob, the tribe. Our hearts are made to connect, to love. We need others to feel alive, to feel that we matter, that they matter. "

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