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I love how Gabor Maté expresses it: "We are seeing STRESS PARENTING, NOT BAD PARENTING, STRESS PARENTING in increasing numbers of children who are being diagnosed with this, that and the other. " How isolation and lack of support available for mothers can affect children in their development. How crucial love and connection are!!!

In Australia, where many young families start anew, without the support of our forebears (left behind in another country, another state, another town...) communities reorganize themselves to supply the support that families cannot receive from their parents and grandparents. Friends, support groups, workshops, nature, arts, dance, storytelling, counselling, many and diverse ways of combating isolation. I am myself incredibly lucky to belong to a growing group of formidable women who strive to bring well being and support to each other and the community in the Hunter. Newcastle Health Collective has been a place for me to connect with sister and brother souls, to give and receive the joy of being alive.

Also, as a migrant myself, I know how important it was for me to have the unconditional support and love of my husband and his parents when our three sons were born. I deeply missed my people back in Spain and France, missed the opportunity to raise our children around their grandparents, uncles and cousins. I collected photos, cards, small symbols, tokens and gifts from my family and friends so they could be present in our hearts and minds. I talked about them with our children, sang songs, told stories, cried and grieved for the ones who were leaving us. I come from a strong community driven place, keeping my family memories alive was a natural survival mechanism.

Community, nature, spirituality, ancestors, constellations, they all bring something unique to soothe our heart when we feel isolated and disconnected. We don't need to do it alone.

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