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About the bond between teacher and students...

Schools are systems with a complex network of relationships and bonds. Children and teachers bring their family systems to school. Relationships between teachers, between principal and teacher or between teachers and the curriculum are all important and can have an impact on the student`s ability to learn. As a teacher it helps me when I am aware of these many layers and I can find a place where I can really support my students.

Let`s talk about the bond between teacher and student and how we can achieve a successful relationship. How do I find my right place as a teacher, how can I enhance their learning environment, how can I strengthen their capacity to learn?

According to Bert Hellinger, the educational relationship is a helping relationship and as such has its own rules:

Often learning difficulties in children are the reflection of a disorder in their family system. If I can see the child and his net of relationships, without judgement or exclusion, I can achieve a “systemic empathy”.

I can have a good pedagogic relationship when I respect the child`s parents and I don`t pretend to be better than them.

It supports my student when I see and I respect his destiny and its limitations. If I feel pity for the child, this weakens him. It strengthens him when as a teacher I trust that he can carry his own destiny and I acknowledge my own role`s limitations.

Finally, the teacher can only be a teacher, and can only give what he has got to give as a teacher. Trying to be a parent can only bring confusion and anger in the child`s system.

Once more I want to acknowledge the systemic educator and psychotherapist Merce Traveset for passing onto us this valuable knowledge.

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