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Our life is a testimonial of thousands of stories of success

Trauma seems to be passed onto the next generations when it is not integrated. So we can assume that most of us have inherited the memory of many difficult events in the lives of our predecessors. We have so many genetic forebears that it could be daunting to imagine the layers of stress accumulated in our biology throughout the generations.

However, we also inherit the joy, the passion, the success stories, the generosity, the grace, the sense of humor and the strength from our ancestors, to stress only a few. Those are great resources we can draw on in our lives. We possess those resources. Our life is a testimonial of thousands of stories of success. We are the fruit of uncountable love stories between people who were successful enough to give life. Every single one of them did. In spite of enduring war, misery, bankruptcy, migration, deportation, havoc. This is a fact. And it is important to state this simple truth, especially in cases where our family system was deeply damaged, when we feel vulnerable and have lost our purpose in life.

In a Family Constellation the client has the opportunity to face the difficult events experienced by parents, grand-parents, great-grand-parents, to see and acknowledge the facts and the persons involved, and the pain they went through. This helps to release “entanglement” with the past, to walk away from unhealthy identifications, the heart opens and can leave the pain where it belongs. As the constellation evolves, the client feels the body and soul gradually softening.

When the load is too heavy to carry though, and the client is overwhelmed, simple statements like “I AM ALIVE” may be profoundly empowering. Working with the resourceful part of the family system is an important part of our work as systemic facilitators. It gives space and slows the process down, so the client can feel safe and start integrating at his own pace.

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