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A cushion, a bow and a song - Three resources to bring constellations into our everyday life

You will find below three exercises than can help us take constellation work into our everyday life. 

“My cushion” - or acknowledging what is

Every time I feel I am opposing something that I cannot change (the difficult fate of my child, an unfair dismissal, the separation of a loved one).

Get a cushion and place it on the floor in front of you. This cushion will represent “what I am opposing and cannot change”

Standing in front of the cushion, you come to a meditative state, you connect to your center, and look at the cushion. Feel in your body what happens when you face that situation. See if you can find a “yes” to it. If you can, start lowering your head very slowly, bowing to the situation. Don’t force anything, follow your body, and see if it wants to come down to the floor, in a gesture of complete surrendering. Stay there as long as you need. Notice how your body relaxes while you surrender. 

You can repeat this exercise as much as needed, anytime you feel you go back to that “this should be different” type of thought.

“Thank you for being exactly as you are” - saying yes to difficult people or to the ones whose behavior we would like to change

When you feel triggered by someone and you become aware of it, take a moment to silently say “Thank you for being exactly as you are”. Agreeing to others exactly as they are brings compassion. When we internally say these words to the other person, we might instantaneously feel a slight detachment and a tension releasing in our body.  

“Thank you for my life.” 

Connecting to our life force, to our moment of conception, when our father and our mother came into fusion. Feeling in our body the energy of life, visualizing all our cells smiling, noticing that we are alive right now. Throughout our day, we can stop for a second and connect to what is bigger than us and celebrate the miracle of being alive. 

Without forgetting to do what brings us joy! A coffee with a friend, a walk with our dog, a swim in the ocean, a yoga session at home, reading a poem, listening to a podcast or dancing to our favorite music in the kitchen.  Let’s let our little light of us shine bright, my friends!


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