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All about my mother

Often the way we relate to our MOTHER determines the way we relate to LIFE. Sometimes our mother was absent (either physically or emotionally), caught up in her own pain. She might not have been able to give us as much as we needed. Perhaps her presence was overwhelming and we distanced ourselves to protect ourselves. Now we feel disconnected. Or may be we lost her when we were a child, or she gave us up for adoption, leaving us deeply hurt and resentful. Whatever our experience was with our mother, we can always heal the wound and open our heart. Taking with love what she could give to us and letting go of what she will never be able to give. Saying YES to our MOTHER AS SHE IS/WAS helps us to say YES TO LIFE. Honoring her and giving her a good place in our heart, helps us to find peace within ourselves. So the past is no longer hindering our present.

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